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The Wisdom of Living in an A.L.F.

Many of our clients contact us when they realize they, or a loved one, can no longer live on their own. Their at the age where they need care and are at the same time dealing with the pressures of also maintaining and managing their household.

While they acknowledge that they need help, they none the less remain apprehensive about the idea of making a dramatic life change. Part of our advocacy at the firm almost always includes a discussion about assisted living.

There is a common misconception about assisted living facilities. Many people still have this false impression of assisted living being a sterile institutional setting similar to a nursing home. However, this could not be further from the truth.

While it is true that assisted living facilities do provide assistance with activities of daily living. The purpose of assisted living is to provide their residents with the care they need to maintain as much of their independence as possible. Many of our clients find that the burdens alleviated by making the move give them more freedom than when they were still at their old home. Residents not longer need to deal with paying multiple bills, everything is covered with one payment. They no longer need to worry about who to call if that rusty pipe in the basement bursts, the facility will handle that. Most facilities usually include laundry, housekeeping and transportation as well as providing meals and dining options.

In addition to alleviating household management, ALF living also provides their residents with a renewed social life and an enhanced sense of community.

The price of assisted living varies based on a number of different factors. But the good news for our clients is that most long-term care policies provide coverage for assisted living facilities. In most cases your insurance policy will heavily subsidize the cost of moving to a facility and if it doesn’t, at the very least it will heavily subsidize the costs.

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