Who We Are

The Law Offices of Steven M. Dunn, P.A is a law firm focused primarily on long term care insurance matters and disputes. The firm’s practice area began through personal experience. Steven M. Dunn, P.A originally focused on personal injury and maritime cases. About twenty years ago, Attorney Steven Dunn’s father reached the point in his life where it was time to utilize his own long term care insurance policy. The Dunn family decided that they would make a claim for benefits. After the claim was submitted, they were informed by the insurance company that the claim was denied. At that point, Steven began to search for any attorneys that handled these types of cases but was unable to find any. He subsequently began to search for any cases that may have taken place elsewhere and again his search did not yield any results. It was at that point that Steven realized that he would need to handle this case on his father’s behalf.  After substantial litigation, the case was settled. Following that experience, Steven realized that there were millions of seniors in the country without an advocate. The decision was then made to focus on long term care insurance litigation. Since then, the firm has handled thousands of long-term care insurance cases against every major carrier.