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Going Digital

In this era of technology, taking over your parent’s affairs looks a little different than it used to. You aren't simply signing a couple of forms. It is much more layered and complex than that.

If you’re going to take over the affairs of your parents or loved ones, you will find yourself having difficult conversations about the future, but those conversations are necessary. Is the Will in order? Funeral plans? Who will you contact in case of death or hospitalization?

Aside from that, many people find that something happens to a parent or loved one, and they cannot gain access to any of their accounts online. Now, a year into COVID-19, it is safe to say that you never know what can happen, and it is always safer to be overly prepared.

Assuming care over someone isn’t limited just to their will and testament. There are a million moving pieces when someone can no longer care for themselves, or have passed away. Having access to their online accounts, iPad, computer, phone, whatever it is they use, is crucial. You’ll need access to their contacts, what medications they use, if any, how often they see their doctor, where the doctor is located, their bank details, etc. All this information is usually accessed online.

If you are dealing with someone who is not tech savvy, a good way to get all their affairs in order is to get them comfortable with using a device. That way, everything they need, and will need in the future is stored in one place. This way the transition from person to person in the future will be a lot smoother and organized, which is ultimately what’s most important.

Aside from logistical things, you also want to compile memories such as photos, letters, videos, etc. If your loved one grows ill, they’ll not only be able to look back at nice memories, but family and friends will have access to them as well. With thousands of people hospitalized due to COVID-19, most didn’t have access to visitors, and those who had their devices handy and were able to use them, were able to video chat with loved ones, look back at memories, and communicate easily with those who weren’t able to visit them in the hospital.

In short, even if you aren’t assuming the role of caretaker right now, chances are you, or someone else, may have to assume that role in the future. Be sure to get your loved one’s affairs in order, and make a possible transition as smooth as possible. Gather passwords as they make them, and make sure all relevant details are together and are easily accessible.

There are many online resources available that can help with organization, and even learning how to use your new device, or utilize any existing device as best as you can. Don’t put yourself in a position where what is holding you back from moving forward is a simple iPad passcode.

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